A Flash memory is a type of medium

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A game storage medium is a technology that is used to keep
and place data in and transfer it to a compatible games platform; storage is the secondary storage such as a
disk or hard-drive, and not the primary storage – otherwise known as the
memory. Storage mediums, as well as many other technologies and software, are
proprietary which means they are owned
and exclusive to the company that manufactures the hardware or software. To have proprietary products usually means outside
sources cannot know exactly how they are created or function so that a product
cannot be copied by another company and form competition in the market, they
also cannot modify the hardware/software, or makes copies to sell as it will be
against the product’s proprietary licence. Exclusive storage mediums can
also mean buyers have to purchase other products such as the console it is
compatible with which is created by the same company and they make more profit while becoming increasingly popular. On
the other hand, open source material allows users to create mods for games and
software by making the source code available to anyone, this sort of practice
is common in PC games and extends the lifeline and features of games.

Flash memory is a type of medium for storing data, it is very fast, light, silent, and small so it is efficient for quickly transferring
saved games to other devices by simply inserting it into its corresponding
port. Types of flash memory storages include Smart Media – a chip developed by
Toshiba which has a fast transfer rate but only has 2 to 64 MB of storage, it works by an electrode carrying the data to
the chip when the card is inserted into a
slot. Compact flash, commonly known as an SD card, by SanDisk is a version of
Smart Media with bigger storage space that ranges from 8 to 193 MB. The USB
(universal serial bus) is very common, with most laptops, computers and modern
consoles having at least one USB port – usually used to charge devices, the
flash memory version – the thumb drive allows data to be transferred to and
from consoles when more storage is required. A thumb drive can have a wide
range of storage capacities up to 1 TB but can be very expensive.

The DVD (digital versatile
disk) is a plastic disk that is used to store video games, movies and software
as it has a lot more storage than other mediums and allows high resolution and
graphics to be stored on it. DVDs are engraved with microscopic pits and bumps
that are read by a laser to transport the coordinates and arrangements of these
pits/bumps as data. They can store more data than the preceding CD, as DVDs
have multi-layer storage as the plastic is made
out of different layers, less error correction data for more area, and higher
density data storage due to smaller pits and bumps. The PS2 was the first
console to start using DVDs and Blu-ray DVDs are still being used in the latest
consoles today because they are cheap and have enough storage for AAA games.

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An example of an exclusive storage medium is the universal
media disk (UMD) which is the storage used for PSP games. It functions the same
way a CD and DVD do by is a smaller version that is only capable of storing 1.8
GB, allowing a portable device not required to be the same size as a DVD but
having enough storage for the features and games of a handheld. The Nintendo
game card is also an exclusive, to the Nintendo DS, which is a flash memory ROM
cartridge that holds 8 to 512 MB for the DS/DSi or 128 MB to 8 GB on 3DS game
cards. They are very small at just 35 x 33 mm, allowing the device to not waste space on external storage.

A mostly discontinued medium is the magnetic tape, a tape
that was used to record video or audio, rewind it, and be able to play it
again. It was used in video home system
(VHS) tapes and cassette tapes before
DVDs were common and were inferior in every way to optical disks, they also had
many issues including the tape deteriorating that causes issues in the playback
and tape often breaking or getting
tangled. They functioned by the tape being
winded from the first reel to the second and passing the tape heads to
read, write, or erase its data. The tape heads converted electrical signals to
magnetic fluctuations and the other way around – as they could only be winded
one way or the other, they could not be used to store video games, but
cartridges were used in older consoles
and handhelds such as in the Nintendo Entertainment System and Gameboy.

mediums for music, video, and games have always had the issue of illegal
copying for people to sell on as pirated
versions of media, which meant the creators of the games were losing out on income
and people who purchased illegal copies would often get faulty versions.
Antipiracy counter measures have evolved
as chips installed in consoles prevent copied games from working by detecting
small differences as a perfect replica is impossible to be made. 

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