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A slave’s function throughout Rome was to perform any necessary functions for the owner. (ancient.eu) In addition to working for the owner slaves also worked for city governments on engineering projects such as roads, Security is important because it relieves people’s worries of crime. Relieving worries of crime is important so people can explore the outside world, and not have to there were no slaves available. This is because people had to worry about having enough food. Security Short of slaves or manual labor, it is impossible to make new and ornate buildings, or maintain the existing ones. This can substantially compromise the safety, security, and privacy of all citizens in that city or town. Additionally, lack of slaves would kill or dramatically slow down business, and subsequently cut the lifeline of ancient civilizations. So, it would probably be safe to say that without slaves no ancient civilizations would have existed because the slaves are who kept this civilization running. Perhaps, without slaves humans could still have been hunters, gatherers. Another example of an innovation that slaves needed to fulfill was agriculture. Agriculture was important because it provided an alternative to hunting and nomadic life. This is important, because if people could not get enough food by hunting, then they could supplement their diet with plants and vegetables for survival. In ancient Rome, slaves were builders, farmers, fishermen, carpenters, laborers and more, and they kept the city running strong, affluent and the envy of the rest of the ancient world (study.com). An example of an innovation made possible with help of slaves was roads building. Without roads, there would be no trade. Trade is important because it is how Rome can make money from a surplus, and get materials they needed from other cities. Another example of an innovation were aqueducts. When there was no slaves, there was no trade. Trade is important because it benefits the economy and makes the civilization secure because by trading, people can get any items they need by giving a surplus of their items. Aqueducts are important because they served a main purpose of delivering water to the people from faraway rivers or springs. Without aqueducts, water would be much harder to get, so more people could die of thirst, which was a Colosseum. Colosseums were amphitheaters where they conducted celebrations and competitions, and where criminals be brought to justice. They are important because they entertained people as well as served to preserve law and order and limit the harm of criminal activities to the Roman civilization. When crime to bring those criminals to justice. This would have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, thus negatively influencing their life. Another example of a building is a city wall, which was necessary for security of the people. An example of an innovation that if there was no slaves to fulfill was schools. If schools harmful acts that could contribute to destabilization of society and restricting progress of civilization. Yet, another contribution of slaves to the ancient world in general and the Roman empire in particular understanding of architecture and math. Altogether, buildings in general, education, farming, are to fight them the supply of slaves

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