A unlucky that is divided at all. The

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A World Not Neatly Divided


“A World Not Neatly Divided” written by Amartya Sen, talks about
the system of classification

of societies and the contradictory of civilizations.  His goal of the world is not neatly divided,

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to demonstrate that the people over generalize area of the world
and clashing of civilizations. For

 that reason, categorizing
people can be rude because the existence of multiple barriers “also

because there are other ways of seeing people (linked to politics,
language, literature, class,

 occupation and other
affiliations).” Sen think that categorizing people will be
dramatically unfair.


In regards to the generalization area of the world, for example,
people assume that India

population is Hindu. However, India has the second or third highest Muslim
population in the

world. More than that, India know groups a number of religions,
Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists,

 Jains, Sikhs, Parsees, Christians
and Jews. Thus, religion is not the only thing that we can be

identified by. Sen who says that we are a mixture of “identities”,
for example, “Islamic World

 “Or “Western World”. In
fact, there a huge clash between the two civilizations. In regards to

 civilizations, Sen writes “Dividing
the world into discrete civilizations is not just crude. It

propels us into the absurd belief that this partitioning is natural
and necessary and must

overwhelm all other ways of identifying people.” No nation, culture
or civilization is all one of

kind. Each has a long and complicated histories. When we miss to
remember this, Sen says, “the

 also end up, in the case of
civilizations defined by religion, lending authority to religious leaders

 seen as spokesmen for their


The world is not neatly divided, and it is unlucky that is divided
at all. The people should be

 entitled to their own
cultures, but to judge people based of those cultures is suggestively wrong.



 The diversities of cultures
help the world to be more progressive. For example, during the

 Islamic Golden Age from 8 th
century to 13 th century, the” Islamic Culture” knew a remarkable

development, “where scholars from various parts of the world with
different cultural

backgrounds were mandated to gather and translate all of the
world’s classical knowledge into

 the Arabic language.”
(Wikipedia). During the expansion of the “Western Culture”,

 the “World” knew a huge development
technologic. However, the evolution of cultures diversity

 from the question of
development technologic. The diversity of cultures is an essential

 factor to discovery,
invention and creation.


However, the conflict between civilization became an issue between
the “world” populations.

For example, the taxation of non-Muslims during the Magul Empire.
The invasion of countries

 by others countries. The
division of the worlds to small countries. The injustice among

 populations. Inadequate division
of wealth. The civilizations should be united, as said by Sen

 “we human beings are all
much the same”. Today, the civilizations are dominated by a political

 and religious leader. The
fact that the existence of wars, the conflict between religions or even

between the people of same religion, for example, the war between
Muslims in the Middle East,

 the war between Christians
in Africa and south America, are the divergence between political

and religious leaders. These last have been the cause of the
existence of some problems, like the

 radicalism among Muslims and


Today, the globalization is a key factor for the non-solidarity
between nations, religions and

 civilizations. because the
entire world knows an extreme economic evolution between so called

 “rich or developed
countries.” This factor plays a role in the exploitation and management of the

wealth. Therefore, the investment of the wealthy countries has
increased from 2.2

 billion in 1970 to 154
billion in 1997. Following these explanation, the world is really divided,

and humanity suffer from the non-justice and inequality.












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