A 2 different cultures, with all the misunderstandings

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A Passage to India, a novel written by E.M. Forster. Outlines and explores the factors of an Indian and an English cultural disputes and misunderstandings. The novel describes the life of an Indian under British rule in their country. The Indians are expected to obey the English with no questions or any disrespect, they must serve under the English, with 2 different perspectives, 2 different cultures, with all the misunderstandings between an Indian and an English, Forester shows they can be friends with disputes along the way. The stereotypical idea in this novel is that all English men and women have no respect for the Indians, their culture, and are there to enslave them. However stereotypes are not always true, in the novel Forester uses 2 characters to symbolize that fact; Mrs. Moore and Fielding. Dr. Aziz, one of the main character, an Indian, meets an English women Mrs. Moore in a mosque. Dr. Aziz at first was shocked to see an English woman in the mosque touching the artifacts, but soon came to realization that she showed no disrespect. She has;also, left her shoes outside where it’s supposed to be before entering the mosque. This shows that not all English despite the natives and their culture, there are some who show respect to one’s culture. They both find out that they have plenty in common and become friends. bases her friendship on sensitivity rather than knowledge. Dr. Aziz believe in the purdach, but I should have told her you are my brother, and she would have seen you, all men are my brothers and when one behaves as such he may see my wife” said my Dr. Aziz. (Pg., 128). In this quote, Forester shows how their friendship a grudge against Adela even after she confessed Dr. Aziz asked Dr. Aziz how many wifes do you have. In the end, cultural differences and stereotyping always can break up and Indian and English being friends. At least in Indian soil during the circumstances. In the end of the novel when Fielding and Dr. Aziz meet again after 2 years. The quote “not yet”, explains the fact society during that time period will always oppose their friendship. But they will always be friends. Because an Indian and an English can always be friends with disputes along the way.

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