Throughout U.S. people rely on the Bill of

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Throughout time the debate upon which is the best system of government
has been an ongoing debate. Somewhere between the realms of democracy,
socialism, fascism, communism, and monarchism lies the answer to the perfect
system. Traditionally speaking, North America has always tried to remain
democratic in ruling. The democratic system, unlike it’s alternatives,
encourages equality and liberty among the people which in modern society, makes
it the most attractive system of government today.

Arguably, equality is the goal of many governments today. But what one
must realize is that equality cannot be reached without giving someone else
inequality. While democracy influences equality, communism and socialism frown
upon the very idea that all people should be treated equal. The very idea
that all men are created equally is very misleading. All men are not created
equally. Human beings are unequal in essence because they are unequal in most
physical and psychological characteristics along with health, intelligence, and
emotional balance. For most of us, living amidst inequality is common.
Equality is said to be having the same rights and freedoms as everyone else. In
modern society this is very true to a certain extent. The only thing equal
about people is that we are all born and eventually we all die. In North
America, I believe that equality among people is nearly impossible. The
education is the main source of the problem. Education itself created
inequality between children at an early age. Since no two persons are created
equally, they will not have the same opportunities, nor will they make use of
opportunities offered to all people like the education system.

One of the most important things to a person living in North America is
liberty. LibertyLiberty can be defined as limited only be laws
established on behalf of the community . To a certain extent, this enables
people to be in control of their own lives. The individual has the right to
choose how they conduct their lives. In the U.S. people rely on the Bill of
Rights to protect themselves from government and other people. This bill of
rights includes freedom of speech, press, and assembly. Among these freedoms is
also the freedom of religion and freedom from unreasonable searches by the law.
In Canada we have a similar system called the Bill of Rights and Freedoms that
is made up with similar beliefs of it’s counterpart. Liberty is possibly the
most important attribute in American and Canadian society. What people want is
the ability to make their own decisions and go about life with the freedom to do

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In a democratic society, people are able to voice their opinions to
government and ultimately play an important role in the make up and organization
of society. To a new nation, these attributes of our society are quite
attractive. Many new nations today are making the switch to democratic
government. The problem with this is that most of these nations have never been
democratic before. Therefore, new nations are having great difficulty because
such a switch is not easily accomplished. To develop a democratic society it
has taken some more more than an entire century. These new nations tend to rush
the change and in the end they become frustrated because such a switch is not as
easily accomplished as thought. The features of a modern democratic state are
firstly a society dedicated to the preservation of rights and freedoms. From
that, a government system must adhere to developing a form of government which
encompasses the values of a working society. In other words, a government for
the people, run by the people, and a system into which they have invested.

An excellent example of a nation that comprises the rights and freedoms
of its people is Canada. As a nation we live by our rights and freedoms and use
them as a guide to act accordingly. We the people, as part of Canadian society,
are able to participate in the workings of our country. This is represented in
our political cycle. I call our political system “the feedback cycle”. In this
cycle, demands and supports are inputted into the administration, voted on, and
eventually outputted into society and the cycle continues. Our political system
enables us to have our say through representation of an elected official in
government. Ultimately, the power is not solely in the hands of government.
When people are unsatisfied with government they take the necessary steps to
replace the person or people that are not doing their job properly.

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