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A good material and supplier quality management would affect
a company’s performance. By using a good quality management, it can increase
the quality of the products delivered to the customer and increase the customer
satisfaction and loyalty. In other words, a fully recognized and implemented
quality management system will satisfy the customer by meeting their
requirements, and will thus magnify the trust of the customer. Attaining
customer satisfaction is a great accomplishment for the company that will help
in gaining the market share, as existing customers act on the company’s behalf
to bring in more customers.

Other quality management system advantages include proper
management of project risks and costs, and identification of development
prospects. This also results in an improvement in market share and reputation,
and ability to react to industry opportunities.

Implementing a quality management system can assist to
achieve more flexibility in the project, and improve the effectiveness in the
resources and time usage. Besides, improved production is attained due to
proper evaluation methods being employed, and better training of the employees
and suppliers. A strict process control is focused towards performance
consistency and less scrap. This not only decreases the time required to fix
errors but makes it less necessary to employ a team of quality assurance staff.

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Besides reduces defects and waste, which reduces production
costs in a business. As teams gather to identify and eliminate weaknesses in
the business, the company continues to enjoy reduced costs and higher profit.
Quality improvement teams can reduce defects and lead time, and identify
repetitions in the production process that can significantly increase the
profit the company gains.

The quality management system emphasizes the issues related
to operations management. This supports regular communication between project
departments or groups and promotes harmony. All these factors contribute to
improved quality, and customer satisfaction.

Quality is measured
continuously due to the proper procedures that make sure the immediate
corrective efforts on the occurrence of defects. Since efforts are focused
towards quality products, rework is minimized. This decrease in rework will
increase the customer confidence and an increase in the market share.

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