A Rameen in Chup Raho we see how

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A thousand Splendid Suns:

Rasheed has lust and sensational needs which he tries to fulfill
by marrying a girl much younger than him and before he decides to have sex with
him. He takes her for dinner and shopping, which the little girl, hence his
wife considers it to be his gesture of love. However, it is only a bribe and
she is forced to make love at a point when she herself doesn’t know the meaning
of sex. She stays bewildered until Rasheed justifies his action being halal in



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Even in Urdu literature women have been objectified. Manto wrote
several stories dealing with the lives of prostitutes, in which females body
end up representing exploitation and social stratification. Hatak (the insult),
is one of those pieces of his literature.

  Manto doesn’t let us
know the reason of Saughandi opted to sell off her. He kept it vague. What we
know as readers is that Saughandi considered sexual intimacy abusrd, every part
of her body yearned to be worked over, until fatigue and exhaustion, has
settled her into a delightful state of sleep1. According to him knowing
the reason is not important. Yet he doesn’t let go of any possibility of
tempting the reader by giving descriptions of her body.

Manto had portrayed Saughnadi as a good-hearted prostitute who
has been exploited by men both emotionally, physically and materially. She is a
prostitute who needs men’s approval of being good and also craved love. ‘Woh
janti thi k who buri nahee achi hai, par who chahti thi k koi uski taeyed
karay..koi..koi..uske kandhon par haath rakh kar kej de k Soghandi tu buri hai
jo tjhay bura kahay who aap bura’2

And consequently she herself also spends money on her husband
Madho, who taking benfits from her, gives husbandly speeches on how he will
financially assist her and wants her to give up her trade.



Here,  like Rameen in Chup
Raho we see how women is expected and is portayed as a faithful and loyal wife,
despite of however her husband is treating her. And also shows women as
attention seekers and needful of men’s approval over everything even her

attempts on finding peace, and wants a home for herself to belong to. “Aur na kabhi kisi ne us ko yeh mehsoos honey dia tha key us ka aik ghar hai. Jis main
gharelupan asakta hai”3. 

This outlook
of her toards her routine, made her sexually commercial, an object like her
room, chaotic, messy incared for, and in serach of ownership. she is potrayed
as a weak women looking for support.


Women through
this novel are portrayed as emotional fools, just carving for men’s love. And
how a few lovable words from a man can eaily melt her. “Soghandi dimmag se
zayada rehti thi laikin jaisi hi koi maram nazuk baat…koi komal boli..isse
kehta to jhat pighal kar apnay jism k dusray hisson mai phel jati.” 4
Though she knew that the men were lying she woul melt like wax and believe it.
“prem…kitna sundhar bol hai, isko pigla akr saray ango par mal k iski maalish
karluey, take ye saraka sara pighal k iske masamon mai rakh jaye.”  It states that no matter how clever a woman
is, a man thorugh his words only, can eaily woo her.


The story
unfold mainly around the incident when apimp insults her. The insult that she feels from this
rejection breaks her down. Showing the oppressive need of women for men’s


Insaaf Ka tarazu

Film over years have been a mirror of society’s
view of the female body. Even when deling with sensitive topics as rape, women
are being sexualized.

In the openijg sequence of the film Insaaf Ka
Tarazu we see a graphic scene of Zeenat Aman being raped by Raj Baber. The
scene ended up sexualizing her more, and less of a criminal act. From the preparatory
tearing of her clothes, with the dramatic background music, to vast amount of
her skin being showed, the camera focuses on her. The rapist just throws the
rapist looks.5

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2 Htak – Manto

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