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A UNDP pilot, in partnership with the government of Bihar and the Owner-Driven Reconstruction Collaborative, rebuilt 130 houses in two of the worst flood-affected villages- Orlaha and Puraini through an owner-driven approach. Homeowners were provided sufficient technical expertise and information to drive the reconstruction process and build environment-friendly, disaster-resilient homes. Each homeowner received INR 55,000, or just under US$ 1,200 to rebuild their homes. The money was transferred to a joint account on the condition that one account holder was a woman.


The government of Bihar has up scaled the pilot to re-build 100,000 houses in the worst-affected districts of Purnea, Madhepura, Saharsa and Supaul, as part of its new Kosi Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Scheme. Using an owner driven reconstruction model, houses will be built with a brick and concrete plinth, bamboo superstructure and corrugated galvanized iron CGI sheeting roofing. The cost per house will be Rs. 55,000 (~$1,200) with an additional cost of Rs. 2,300 for toilets and Rs. 5,000 for solar powered lighting.


A majority of the reconstruction is expected to take place at the original location but houses could also be reconstructed at a new location if land is being purchased, generally in the same village area. The State Government has pledged that Kosi region will improve with this reconstruction. To successfully complete it, the government has declared a policy, whose main objective was to provide such houses that which would be not only functionally useful to the residents but also safe in hazards like earthquake, windstorms and floods. These would be constructed with the help of locally available materials.

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To enable the Government to implement Kosi Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Programme (KRRP), District Magistrate Support Units (DMSUs) have been set up for administrative facilitation and Kosi Setu Kendras (KSKs) for social facilitation of reconstruction programme. Kosi Setu Kendras are the liaison and information institutions for the community undertaking social mobilization, strengthening community capacities to undertake reconstruction, technical guidance, progress monitoring and linking communities to the Administration for resolving issues during implementation.


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