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In the movie A Beautiful Mind, the main character John Nash is a very interesting individual. His personality was extremely unsociable, awkward, and slightly arrogant. However, he was very intelligent and considered a Mathematical genius. In the beginning of the movie, he had very few friends except for his roommate Charles. Nash was always searching for the next great challenge to prove his acceptance to society. He never seemed satisfied with his current achievements and always strived for more.

The biggest challenge Nash faced in the movie was his Government Job to break a highly confidential code assigned by CIA agent “Mr. Parcher”. This goal seemed nearly impossible and put high stress and strain on Nash’s personal life. He began to lose all sanity and became very emotional, stressed, and confused. With support from his loving wife, Nash was able to stay strong and stable. However, his wife drew the conclusion that Nash may have paranoid schizophrenia because of all his strange actions and the newspapers she found in the mailbox.

During the movie, the audience finds out that John Nash imagined characters and ideas in his head that were made-up and not real. Once Nash finally entered the mental hospital, he began to overcome the bad demons inside him, learned to function normally without using drugs, and control his mental state. He realized his “reality” is not really a reality, but it was only a battle with his mind. Later, when he was released from the clinic, he went on to win The Nobel Peace Prize.

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Gaining him the acceptance from society he dreamed of from the very beginning. By watching this movie, I really got a better understanding on the disorder of paranoid schizophrenia. I had never really understood what having a mental disorder was like for a person and how they would deal with it. Also, I learned that a mental disorder does not only affect the person dealing with it, but it affects their family and friends. It is an everyday struggle that millions of people learn to accept and live through.

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