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A community theatre is where a
particular relationship to a very close community. To either entertain,
educate, raise awareness to discuss about and debate. Towards the audiences.
But mainly to come close together as a community to learn about something. In a
particular venue (etc. church to show the Christians about the birth of the
saviour in a different light. Or a theatre funded by the community alone about
women’s rights to discriminate women. Another example is for a theme in a
performance is a friendly fairy tale for children to learn about a typical day
of life and to entertain them. At a village hall funded by the

The key practices of a community varies
from a genre of audiences such as demographics, is a simple statistical
information about people, such as gender, age, ethnic and racial background,
income, ECT. Which Joan Little-wood did once in a Kitchen Sink Drama called
“Taste of Honey” that Shelagh Delaney written about a Lancashire teen Jo who
has a brief fling with a black sailor.  And falling pregnant. Which shows
the working class in the 50s were really hard when you especially had an affair
with a black man. Which weren’t acceptable in them days. Especially if you were
living in poverty in war time to working class audience. Shelagh Delaney sent
it to Joan Little wood to edit it, to make it a really successful play. 

Another key practices is Geography,
where actors want to focus on a whole town or region, on one or more
neighbourhoods, etc.  And employment because the actors or directors are
interested in a particular line of work, or people are employed. Or health ,
behaviour  or attitudes  where the directors and  actors changes
audiences mind, so then they can bring the audience understanding a level up,
which Augusto Boal used in his technique Forum  Theatre to teach people to
change their world and “The Theatre Of Theatre”(Augusto Boal) that uses
analyses skills and critiques was developed in the 1950s. Which Dr. Boal 
was an avid supporter of utilizing interactive techniques  to the audience
members to give them chance  the negative ending to change it to a

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ending to show how the negative part in
the story can become a solution. The other technique that Boal created was
invisible theatre where it’s important to anticipate and rehearse potential
audience responses. But be very careful if an audience member response may be
really angry or upset with you. So then get out of character as soon as
possible. Take risk, but take care. But beforehand, test the scenes with people
who didn’t participate in the creation in the creation to see what response it

The purpose of a community theatre for
a different ages is mainly to entertain them, so then they can come together.
Or to raise awareness about a particular subject. Joan Little-wood wanted to
bring the community by the medium of theatre:

“My ideas to the community, a
meeting place.   My doors are open to anyone, to any prostitute or
gangster”.  (Joan Little wood, no date). 


The effect on the  
performance for young people is mainly educating about what is life about like
smoking because it is wrong and people could die from lung cancer.  But
mainly how you could be prevented by not smoking In the first place at
all.  So then they could understand how to stop or not smoking in the
first place. 


For the effect of a performance for the
elderly it could be raising an awareness about technology because some people
don’t have the technology at home. The Elderly sometimes feel lonely in their
home and no family member live nearby. So by preventing this they could either
go on web cam. So then they can see and talk visible to their loved ones so
then they don’t feel as lonely or they could find clubs that the elderly could
go too.  Like Zumba because it mainly concentrates in the joints in your
body.  But also it makes a positive impact of anybody especially if they
exercise plenty enough and its makes them feel happy because they have done
something good in their bodies and probably made new friends by doing this. 



As a whole community it could be
entertaining because the performance could bring the community socially

Like a historic event the Battle of
Hasting 1066 because it was one of the most important and influential event in
history and could make it into an educational performance for all ages. 
So then they would remember the Key Facts that cause and happened in the Battle
of Hasting and making it entertaining at the same time.


A theatre performance is a producing
form of fine art that uses real life live performers/actors, to show an
experience of a realistic or imaginative performance in front of a live
audience in a particular venue a stage or even a performance venue in a middle
of a street/band stand.


dance the Musical (Winding Wheel)


Flash dance the musical is an
inspirational story about a 18 year old Alex, a welder by day and a flash
dancer” by night who’s dream of attending the prestigious Shipley Dance
Academy and becoming a professional dancer. But when a romance blossoms. 
It complicates her ambitions.  She is homeless, it drives her dream. 
“A unique, stunning theatrical experience.  “Wirral globe on
American Idol”.


Joan Little-wood used in her
performance areas mainly working class because you can get really relative and
involved with the story and the character to what things could happen in the
meaning of the song.  (Every song tells a beautiful story whatever the
beat).  It also sticks and registers in your head and if you want to know
what happens next, which is really interesting yet exciting thrilling and
moving.  But mainly what you get out of it like Augusto Boal because he

want you to think the character could
get out of a negative situation into an extremely positive one,


Flash dance mainly focuses on the
holding onto your dreams in a working class environment to get out of a job or
environment you don’t like at all.  Makes you do what you want to do
something you never done before and take a chance whatever the outcome may be
think positive breath and dance.  It’s important and possible because it
gives you hope desire work sweat and that love is stronger than anything. 
Nothing will break it solid as Rock.


The venue that Flash dance the Musical
is taking place is the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield City Centre.  It has
a wonderful stage high up with plenty of comfort seating disabled access looped
system for the hard of hearing also sign language may be there if requested
aisles wide with disabled parking nearby toilets baby changing facilities and
licence bar.  Good doors if you have a wheelchair or someone is a
wheelchair user prams pushchairs.


It is funded by a community and the
council to see a performance about a working class girl who wants to make it
big in the world.  Like Augusto Boal did when he wanted the influence you
about what needs to change in the world by using Forum Theatre
techniques.  Which made the audience thing “How could I change my attitude
in the world to bring hope?”.


The target audience for this type of
performance could be for dancers.  Because if they really have
determination will stamina, they will get their reward and possibly make it to
the very top of their mountain with a passion to perform and dance. Or it could
be for the audience member between eighteen plus or slightly younger because it
is mainly about giving hope to yourself, If you dream hard and practice you
will achieve the impossible you will get there and how you can change
“Rags to Riches”. This is so important and if things go wrong get up
and keep going smile every day.


The purpose of flash dance is that if
you work in working class it ok to have dreams and if you are really passionate
about dance you will go for it and you will

get there under any
circumstances.  Practice, practice and practice is mainly the key to turn
your dreams into reality.  A key is good but a key that unlocks doors is
magical.  Never give up on your dreams, they can come true if you believe
and practice.


The theme is used because anyone can
dream from lower class to upper class and with the support of others and time
it gives you hope about getting to the very top with love.  Silver spoons
are nice I bet but it far better to get their yourself with help.


Yes because it shows the audience how a
working class girl can get to her dreams to dance with practice and love. She
will get there with hope.  That anything is possible if you believe and it
doesn’t really matter what class you are in.  Because again anyone can get
there. With a lot of practice, passion and determination.


It explores class because it starts off
being a Welder and a Flash dancer part time.  But her true
dream   job is to be a dancer in a Male World Alex thinks she is a
failure which she isn’t in front of her Mum and boyfriend who want her to go
for her dreams at the Dance Academy they are one hundred per cent behind her.


The performance is achieving social
change because it shows a women working tireless in a welding in the daytime
and flash dancer at night.  Alex is so determined to become a Professional
Dancer in a Male World.  How love can beat the odds and conquer
everything.  Augusto Boal used Forum Theatres to change people minds in how
they acted in the world.  So he could make the world a better place.


Pan Pomegranate Theatre



The young boy who never grew up the
adventures of Peter Pan.  With a little bit of “faith, trust and
pixie dust”.  Wendy, Michael and John Darling take the second star to
the right and straight on till morning as they fly to the rooftops of the old
Victorian house with the window that hasn’t been open for a long time to join
Peter Pan and the lost boys of course, Tinkerbell in Neverland. But trouble
awaits when the cunning well-spoken Captain Hook to outwit and manoeuvre Peter
Pan.  Pictures and videos.


The key features of this performance it
mostly focuses on how responsibility is important to keep friendship, families
together and also you never too old to act childish.  In good
situations.  But sometimes you have to make a good and bad choices.
Sometimes the only choice you have are bad ones but you still have to
choose.  But mainly you have to grow up a little to protect the people you
most care about.


The venue is at the Pomergranate
Theatre where you can go to a relaxed performance.  With disabled access,
toilets and a bar, looped system and sign performances by getting in touch with


The actors could and do weave in and
out of the audience making a thrilling and interesting insight into the story
of Peter Pan.  With suspicion and acting they make it into a dream
production the children fly in from the roof wow. Towards the audience the
lighting and sound are also magical.


The target audience is for all ages the
audience are encouraged to get involved in some part of the act. Even if some
older audiences don’t believe in fairies.  But

mainly it’s for four to seven year olds
because they enjoy aggraviting characters and males that want to watch it
instead of acting up.  Which the actors and actress don’t want because
some children might run on stage and start screaming just to get


The performance type is abit of Musical
Theatre because it involves singing and dancing.  So then either sing to
it or it will stay in their heads about the facts in the song.  What is
going to happen next?  Which Joan Littlewood did “Oh what a lovely
War.”  So then she made the audience think what was going to happen
and how it going to occur in these events.


The purpose of this performance is that
there is always a future.  And that you never too old to have a little
mischief.  But sometimes you have to step up and make the right choice to
protect your family and friends.


The moral message is that children can
be themselves.  They can be afraid but they will take responsibility in
what choices they make for themselves happy.  And challenge their fears
that they will overcome.  It’s because it’s so interesting in the play you
will forget the outside world into your own imagination where everything could
happen and you would enjoy it.


Yes the audience needs have been met
because it is a really popular story that most people will know and love. 
And it combines Musical Theatre and comedy that most families will enjoy and
the children will enjoy the aggravating characters the wonderful costumes, make
up and props to make it funny as possible so they will never forget it. 


Peter Pan the pantomime explores social
change because it tells you whatever age you are. You can find your inner child
to mess around and have fun. But sometimes you need to grow up to take on
challenges you never thought you could never do, to overcome them.  

The performance is hoping to achieve
how to treat people when something terrible is going to happen. Because you
need all the help you can get to put the

bully down etc. Captain Hook. Because
he will do everything in his power to make you so miserable that you would want
to grow up and not act childish at all because life would be so boring without
a sense of adventure and humour.  Because Joan Little-wood used dark
humour in her plays to make it funny for the audience instead of being really
realistic. And eased a bit of pressure of the audience is something terrible
was going to happen. To make them confused what is happening with a little bit
of her dark humour.


Playhouse (Pride and Prejudice) 

”The most famous love story our
country has ever produced, yet the women don’t work, the servants don’t speak,
and who cares how filthy rich Mr Darcy is when he is so arrogant and RUDE?

Georgian England was a world where men
had property whilst women had smelling salts and piano lessons. Lucky them.

Elizabeth Bennet is witty and clever,
has terrible manners and muddy shoes. But with no independence, is her ending
actually happy? Or have we been distracted by Colin Firth and frilly shirts?

If you’ve always heard people saying
“Austen is so funny” and you never got it – you will
, date 30th September)

The key features for this type of
performance is focusing on how women were treated differently in them days.
Especially if they had jobs because men thought it was wrong women had jobs and
thought it was mental. But also how these three sisters want to get money by
marrying men and if they couldn’t find the right suiter they’d be on the
streets looking for food and die in hunger.  

The venue is at the Nottingham
Playhouse theatre in the main theatre where accessible is possible for the
blind, deaf and partly sighted so then can relax as much as possible in the
theatre to watch Pride and Prejudice comedy.  And it

could also be accessed by people with
learning disabilities and physical disabilities. 

The target audience could be for people
who enjoy the Jane Austen’s books to see a different intake what a writer wrote
for this comedic style of a most loved story. Or 18+ audience members because
it could be really entertaining for them to take a mickey out of the men’s in
Pride and prejudice a different intake of this really loved story. 

The purpose of the story is to promote
social because the three sister were living in middle class poverty. And no
work was being given to them, which made it hard for them to get money. But
they would be forced to get married to get a luxury lifestyle, so then they
don’t fall into poverty and lose their dignity in being middle class.  And
finding a suiter who would respect them or even love them, so then feel safe
and secure. Which Joan Little-wood did in the taste of the honey to show it
doesn’t what class you are from? 

The moral message is that love can
occur in strangest of places in people who you couldn’t stand at all. Always
reach out because if you don’t you feel broken for the rest of your life. Take
chances and you’ll get there with a lot of hope and love.   

The love comedy theme is used because
they want to entertain you by making a mockery out of Mr Darcy and the other
suiters. So then you can find what the meaning of true love is in a more
comedic love story than a romantic story we all know.

The needs of the audience has been met
because it  has a little bit of comedy and romance in this version of
Pride and Prejudice. To make it really funny yet romantic for the audience
in a theatre where accessible is  mostly  ok for people with
less ability. 

This performance
explores true love and social class because when the Bennett’s  family
was in debt. They had to marry one of their 5 daughters to be married to a
wealthy  suitors. To keep the family out of debt. Which
Joan Little-wood did in the  ”Taste Of Honey” about class because
it was really hard in them days, especially if you didn’t have much money
or living in poverty. 

The performance is hoping to
achieve how to treat people because sometimes you will find love in
mysterious way. And people you can’t stand at all, which you might fall In
love. Which Augusto did in his performances to change peoples views on in
the world to make a positive impact on the audience members.   


In these three examples of a community
theatre all of them want to entertain the community, so then they can
bring the community together. Which again Joan Little-wood said” My ideas to
the community, a meeting place. My doors are open to anyone, to any prostitutes
or gangsters.”(Joan  Little-wood, no date).  So then Joan got the
community together enjoying the working class themes in a working class
audience .

On the other hand, the Peter Pan is
more child friendly than the other two examples because it tells you sometimes
you need to act childish to enjoy life. Which Augusto wanted to change audience
views in his performances that the audience change to make a better solution
for the characters in the play.    

But examples Flash-dance and Pride and
Prejudice both share how to change the way we act to talk to people because
both of these story tell a love story that sometimes corrupted by something in
the way. But love can come through anything. Whether class or socially it
doesn’t make it right to judge people, which Augusto said once ”The Evolution
of my life goes through my plays”(Berkoff, 1968). 

To conclude on this
community report all three of these want to entertain and educate the audience,
so then the audience we’ll enjoy the performances they can enjoy life
entertainment. ”Good theatre draws the energies  out of place where it is
and gives it back as joie de vivre”(Little-wood,no date). 

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