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A round robin tournament format is a
competition where all participants will have a chance play to play against one
another. The general pros of the round robin format are, all players would get
a chance to play against all other players, it allows a guaranteed number of
games that participants play. In addition, luck is not a factor that would
affect elimination. The general cons of the round robin format are, the entire
duration of the tournament will be lengthened and there will be a high chance
of having a tie at the end of all the games.

From the perspective of (1) Event Organisers, they would feel that the
advantage of the round robin tournament
format is that there will be an increased
number of participants registering as it is value for money, players can pay a
lesser amount and play more games compared to other tournament formats. The
disadvantages are that it would require more resources such as money, manpower,
etc. The process of organizing the tournament will also require a lot of planning,
making it a very tedious task.


From the perspective of (2) Commercial
Sponsors, they would feel that the advantage of the round robin tournament format is advertising. Since this tournament
format is held over a long period of time, commercial sponsors would also be able to put up their brand logo for a longer
time. This extends the exposure of the brand and is also a more value for money
advertising strategy. There will be more participants since the round robin
tournament format is worth participating in. The disadvantage would then be
sponsoring a greater amount, either in terms of monetary support or in-kind.

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From the perspective of the (3)
Participants (individual sports and team sports), the pros and cons are quite
similar. The pros would include longer rest time if the schedule is planned to cater to the players and more playing time as they
would be able to compete against all other players. The cons would include
being exhausted at the end of the whole event as the entire tournament time is
long. All the players would also get a chance to compete with all other
players, making it fair as results are not dependant on luck but the
participants’ skills.

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