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Another scene shown on the TV was also very moving. In a village school over the years the percentage of passes in various classes has declined steadily. Now the percentage of passes is very low. This may be because of bad teaching. The teachers have not cared to know whether the students have learnt their lessons. The sad state of the performance of the school made the villagers angry. They staged a demonstration that the school should be closed as it did not function well. The educational authorities have assured the villagers that they will take steps to make the school function to the satisfaction of the public.

It has been advocated times numberless by the politicians and educationists that it is the parents’ responsibility to motivate their children to study. After a certain age doing manual labor is impossible. Literacy campaigns should be conducted more vigorously in the villages and it should be made mandatory that every boy and girl should study in a school.

The right to education is a fundamental right enshrined in the constitution. Education makes a person well-equipped to work in an office and earn. Unwillingness on the part of the boys and girls to study and the parents’ failure to motivate their children to study are the major factors for illiteracy in the rural areas.

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Even in towns and cities boys and girls like to be petty traders selling vegetables, bread etc. Many youths go from street to street peddling toys, utensils or vegetables. Some of these youths say they want to be independent and do not want to work in an office under many restrictions. The unenlightened youth waste the best part of their lives. Motivating the youth to study and opt for a job in a Government office or in a private institution is quite necessary.

The Advantage of Learning to Drive Two-wheelers and Cars in these days of quick movement from one place to another it is not possible to depend on the public transport system. Especially in cities buses in the morning and evening hours are very crowded. The students or the office-goers find 146 100 Essays for School Students it very difficult to go to their schools, colleges or offices. Young person’s can stand in a crowded bus, but old persons may find it difficult to stand jostled in a highly crowded bus. It is good for every student or office-gore to learn to drive cycles or motorbikes. If they buy a cycle or a motorbike they can go comfortably to their school, college or office.

In a metropolitan city like Chennai it is advisable for the students and the office-goers to have their own vehicles to reach their places. In Chennai there are electric trains. But they are also very crowded during the peak hours.

The adventurous students traveling by the electric trains clutching the iron bar at the entrance are in danger of being pushed out by the swelling crowd. They are utterly careless. Sometimes their heads hit against the electric posts on the way and they meet with an accident. To avoid all these risks those who have to go out daily in the morning can have their own vehicles. But they should take extreme care in driving their vehicles. Those who drive motorbikes should wear helmets as a measure of self-protection.

The following points may be borne in mind while riding a two-wheeler or car.

You should not speak over the cell phones while driving.

You should wear a helmet if you drive a two-wheeler.

You should wear the seat belt while driving a car.

You should have your vehicle insured.

You should read the vehicle owner’s manual thoroughly and get to know all the points in it.

You should have a first-aid box in your vehicle.

If a woman drives a vehicle she should see to it that her dress is close-fitting.

At the turning points you should stop the vehicle for some time and then proceed cautiously.

A driver of a vehicle should be cautious enough to fill the Petrol tank before beginning to drive. Check if the headlights, indicators and parking lights work well before you begin driving. This is quite important if you drive at night.

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