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dictionary defines suicide as “the act or an instance of taking one’s own life
voluntarily and intentionally.”  In the United States, on average 40,000
people die because of suicide every year, making it one of the most prominent
causes of death for all Americans and tops the list as the second most
significant cause of death for teenagers in America. Among the various mental
disorders which tend to be closely related to suicide, depression is a
particularly important risk factor. Depressive illnesses have been cited as a significant
reason for the behaviour of suicide victims and death by
suicide incidents. Although, depression as a reason for suicide
is rather ambiguous, thus, for the case of this study depression will be examined
as a counterpart of suicide. Meaning that depression will be examined as a
direct correlation with suicide.  

there has been a significant increase in the percentage of teenagers who have
reported having a major depressive episode (MDE) between the years 2010 and
2015 after the numbers had been at a constant decline for nearly two decades. Several
reasons have then been cited for the spark in these rates; stress being the
more prominent, as well as substance abuse and racial identification etc. Yet, it can also be said
that within this past decade suicide and depression among youths has been mainly
caused by the influence of the internet and
social media on behavior as well as the psychological factors that
accompany it. This is evident in the fact that social media as a relatively new phenomenon has swept the
world during the past decade, this as occurred at the same time as the
increased suicide rates among US teens occurred. Thus, conventional
wisdom then upholds that there is a cause and effect relationship between the
state of technology within this present time and the increased amount of suicide
or behaviors that correlate with suicidal actions among youths in the United
States. This research paper will answer the question of “the most significant
factors associated with the increased rate of suicide among teenagers in the
United States” with the notion- “As depression causes suicide, what causes



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