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This looks like
a very well planned project and it was interesting to see that you have the
questionnaire and the triage tool ready. 
It is a very well needed project to educate and empower the nurses to
say being assaulted is not “part of the job”. 
Staff safety is a priority while respecting the patients’ “right to
care”. The violence against Nurses law took effect in New York on November 10,
2010.   According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA, 2010), violence against Nurses law applies to
physical assault, including spitting, biting, hitting, and shoving.  A physical violence against a nurse on duty
is a Class D felony, which is subject to a maximum of seven years in prison (OSHA,
2010).  Nurses feel empowered knowing
that they can press charges against anyone including a patient with mental
illness.  We have postings in our ER
saying, “It’s a felony to assault a nurse in New York”.  As part of the Staff Wellness Program at our
hospital, we have staff safety coordinators (SSC), who will be notified if
there is an incident involving staff. 
SSC will then facilitate the process of the incident reporting, taking
the staff to the ER, following up with staff after if they are out sick related
this incident, etc. 

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