The gram-positive because of darker crystal violet stain.

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The person who made the invention was a dr who was from Copenhagen, Dr. Hans Christian Gram is a was born on September 13, 1853, his early interests were plants, pharmacology, Microscopes.He obtains his MD at the University of Copenhagen, his early work consists of red corpuscles in human, Gram traveled to Europe to work with some well-known microbiologist. This is where he developed and perfected the new method of staining for identifying bacteria.The Gram stain is the process of staining identifies the chemical and physical properties of a bacteria by the cell wall by detecting peptidoglycan this process is a gram-positive, gram-negative also has the peptidoglycan when alcohol is added to this the small layer. That it has will  dissolve  that why cells lose the initial colour from the primary stain, the gram-positive  bacteria retain the crystal violet dye which results in it being stained violet but the gram-negative doesn’t do this process.The counterstain is added which will stain the gram-negative a pink color, both gram-positive and gram-negative pick up the counterstain but the counterstain can’t be identified in the gram-positive because of darker crystal violet stain. There are four steps to this process which is Crystal violet, Gram’s iodine, Decolorizer and a counterstain. A  Crystal violet acts as the primary stain also can be used as the simple stain because it dyes the cell wall of any bacteria. The Gram’s iodine acts as a mordant this step help fix the primary dye to the cell wall.Decolorizer is used to remove the primary stain from negative bacteria. A counterstain is used to stain the negative gram due to decolorization they have lost the primary stain as a result. The Gram stain is used a lot today in were the modern medical technology has advanced his this invention was created today his used for performance on body fluid if they think it’s an infection this is very important because ,this makes a big impact when the infection would make a difference in the patient’s treatment and prognosis. Today in a modern environmental lab most identification is done using different types of staining.



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