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Successful Data Scientists are
people who have the right mix of coding,
statistical skills and business acumen to interpret the qualitative aspect
of data into quantitative challenge to leverage its 4Vs and generate actionable
insights and recommendations. The characteristics are as follows:

Good in Analysis. They have
the ability to make sense of data while working with it in a fairly static way
through statistical interpretations and
also knows all the practical details of
working with data like data cleaning, methods for dealing with very large data sets, visualization, deep
knowledge of a particular domain, writing well about data, etc. 

They can code well
to work with data but is not necessarily at an expert level. They may be expert
in experimental design, forecasting,
modeling, statistical inference on the other hand). They usually play roles
such as Statistician, Quantitative Analyst, Decision Support Engineering
Analyst, Data Scientist etc.

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*Ability to Build and Create. They
are also very strong coders and may be trained software engineers.  
They  can build models which interact with users, often serving recommendations
and classifications (products, people you may know, ads, campaigns, movies,
search results). 

*Ability to draw actionable insights out of
data:  They are well-equipped with
the interdisciplinary background to
merge their understanding of data with underlying concepts of business,
operations and sales which helps in wielding the value of data effectively
in addressing the challenges of firms and organization appropriately.

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