3. In man the lateral toes are reduced

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3. In man the lateral toes are reduced in size, the fifth one is very small. 4. Either the first or the second digit is the longest, 5. The dorsal and ventral surfaces of all the digits are in the same way, the ventral surfaces being directed downward.

6. The head of the first metatarsal is also included in the common transverse metatarsal ligament. 7. The metatarsal of all the digits are incorporated in the tissue of the foot. A common conversing includes the digits up to the mid­point of the basal phalanx. 8. The first metatarsal presents a flattened area at its posterior end to articulate with the flat particular facet of the cuneiform bone.

Ape:1. In apes, the foot is also a grasping organ besides being an organ for locomotion. 2. In the apes the great toe is opposable. It is not well developed and it is not in line with the other digits.

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3. In the apes the lateral toes are well developed. 4. While in the apes the third one is the longest digit. 5. The ventral surface of the great toe does not face down wards laterally. 6. While in the apes it is not bound in that manner.

7. While in the apes the great toe is free from the common covering. 8. In the apes the particular region of the cuneiform is convex and that of the metatarsal is concave.

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