On work life backed by total quality management,

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On many occasions, replacement charts or succession plans are kept so that potential executives are located for every position in the organisation during the given future period.

3. Forecasting and auditing provide background information about internal factors like current and expected skills and vacancies.

Accordingly manpower planning can be done. The normal wastage of HR due to turnover, death, superannuation, needs to be planned.

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Thus, manpower planning must be supported by human resource forecasting, human resource auditing and human resources analysing.

4. There is an increasing awareness among the managers that no business can survive and grow without adequate and appropriate human resources and their proper management.

Taking cognizance of the emerging trends, the human resources planning must respond to the need for structural changes on the one hand and to the emerging set of human expectations on the other.

5. Adequate investment in human capital is indispensable in a business environment. A substantial improvement in quality of life and quality of work life backed by total quality management, require systematic human resource planning.

6. Planning will help in positioning needed employees at the desired time taking into account the lead time for the process of identifying the shortages, getting the vacancy cleared and going through the selection process. It identifies and develops the personnel to move up and assume greater responsibility.

7. Human resources planning must always be backed by proper evaluation and appraisal systems.

Periodical appraisal of performance, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, throws light on actual performance as a result of planning.

Scientific performance appraisals facilitate in identifying the gaps existing so that corrective measures can be undertaken.

8. Changes in the environment are continuously taking place. Human resource planning suggests training and development programmes so that personnel can adapt to these changes.

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