(3) (5) Transferability of DEPB and advance

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(3) License on production programme basis has been allowed with flex­ibility like the change in description of an export product. Advance license with actual user condition have been allowed based on posi­tive value addition only. Advance licenses to export houses/trading houses/star trading houses/super star trading houses are now being issued automatically.

(4) Value addition of goods manufactured through capital goods imported under EPCG license has been permitted. A fluctuation of 10% of CIF value of imports under EPCG Scheme has been permitted automatically. Additional SIL is being given on the basis of incremental exports.

(5) Transferability of DEPB and advance license have been allowed with­out waiting for realisation in respect of exports made against an irrevocable letter of credit.

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(6) A manufacturing company or an industrial house with an annual manufacturing turnover of Rs 300 crores and Rs 1000 crores have been made eligible for the status of star trading house and super star trading house respectively.

(7) Deboning under Zero Duty EPCG Scheme has been allowed.

(8) Hotel and Tourism sectors have been made eligible for TH/STH/ SSTH status.

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