3. finished products. 6. The point industry decisions

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3. L P. approach is being used in agriculture also. It has been tied on a limited scale for crop rotation mix of cash crops and food crops and fertilizer mix.

4. The national airlines are also using LP in the selection of routes and allocation of aircrafts to various routes. This has been facilitated by the computer system located in the headquarters. The officials found it most suitable and appropriate tool in solving their problems.

5. The commercial institutions as well as the individual traders arc also using LP techniques for cost reduction and profit maximization. The oil refineries arc using LP technique for blending decisions and for the improvement of finished products.

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6. The point industry decisions pertaining to the selection of the product- mix and location of warehouse for distribution are taken with the help of LP techniques.

TELCO uses LP approach for deciding what casting and forgings to make in their own shops and what should be bought from outside suppliers.

7. The steel plants are using LP techniques for determining the combinations of the final products such as billets, rounds, bars, plates and sheets.

8. The organization like Hindustan Lever uses LP approach for the distribution of consumer goods throughout the country.

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