Now, computer. Its networking has reduced distances,

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Now, the use of computers is in every field of life. It has entered almost all our activities. Their use and application in various services, departments, business establishments, defense services, railways, communication etc., have become a must. They have become part and parcel of schools and education system as well. In defense, they help radars, missile and rocket launching, automatic flights, data analysis, forecasting etc. It has revolutionised the business activities. A manager now can depend on it for many of his activities and office duties. It can complete and calculate, with a lightning speed huge, and mind-boggling amounts and data of inputs, expenses, income-tax etc., without any mistake. Railways, airlines, hotels, tourist agencies now offer instant bookings and reservations with the help of this high speed electronic data processing machine called computer. Its networking has reduced distances, as it can be used to coordinate activities at different places of a country or the world.

Computerization has proved very beneficial in terms of cost, time, energy and efficiency. But it has added to the problem of unemployment. Office and business automation ushered in by computers, has created unemployment. Now, a computer can replace scores of people. However, computers are now forever. They cannot be challenged or removed, come what may. They have become a necessity 01 life. And therefore there is computerization on a vast scale and at great speed. The computer industry has a very bright future. It has been expanding and prospering rapidly by leaps and bounds. There cannot be either looking back or slowing down in the process. In India also there has been a very rapid computerization. The spurt in recent, times in the use of this miracle machine in various places like railways, airlines, banks, defense services, business establishments, stock-markets, factories, offices, schools, training institutes, research establishments etc., has been breath-taking. Even in personal life, computers have created an enviable niche.

Computer industry in India has been a great source of foreign exchange. Many Indian companies in the field of hardware and software production have done marvelously. A number of them are exporting these indigenously produced machines, their spare parts and related articles to even advanced countries like America, Britain, Germany, Russia etc. This industry has a promising and brilliant future. Computers have made their presence felt in the country in a very big way.

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Sometimes fears are expressed that computers may surpass and overtake human mind. But in all probability these fears are baseless. Computers can never supersede the human brain. After all computers are only machines, and brainchild of man. In spite of all advancements and developments in computer-science and technology, computer would remain a machine. It may defeat a grandmaster in a game of chess, compose music, draw and paint, write poetry or a novel, and yet it can never match a human brain. Super computers can never be so super as to supersede human brain. There are extra­ordinary brains like Sakunthalai Devil, before whom a computer seems a pigmy in very complicated calculations and data processing. Computers cannot compete with man, for they lack human intelligence, feelings, creativity, originality, imagination, consciousness etc. Computers are wonderful; they have made paperless office work and trading possible. Besides there are many other achievements to their credit, yet no machine however subtle, super or sophisticated, can match, /let alone superseding, human mind. Computers always depend on human efforts and consciousness for their operations and working.

A computer works fantastically; its operations are subtle, complex and wonderful. It has seen phenomenal progress and up gradation in the recent years. The coming computers would be for faster, complicated, reliable, powerful, small, handy and light. Each successive generation of computers has proved it. Now note-book pocket computers are a very common thing. Gradually the personal of computer would become a consumer appliance. It will be a matter of course. Computer will further revolutionize our life and working. We can very well look forward to more fantastic breed of computers.

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