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Gardening keeps me physically fit, mentally alert and fresh. The air here is fresh, fragrant and invigorating. The atmosphere is quiet’ calm and soothing. Gardening involves digging, weeding, cutting, grafting, watering, maturing and tilling of the soil. These activities give me sufficient physical exercise to keep me bodily fit and mentally alert.

Many of our friends and relations appreciate my hobby and skills in it. They say I possess green fingers. I have developed the skills in gardening over the years. My father helps me in his spare time to maintain the garden. He has been my guiding-spirit and inspiration in developing this hobby to this extent. I have a good collection of books on flowers, vegetables, fruit trees and gardening. It is a unique experience to see plants grow, flower and then mature into seeds. Plants are as sensitive as we human beings are. They react to our actions of love, affection or cruelty. But one requires a very sensitive heart and acute senses to understand their language. I never feel lonely, sad, unemployed or bored because of my hobby. Plants, flowers, birds and butterflies give me a pleasant and delightful company. I feel amidst them very happy and fortunate. There are beauty, pleasure, education and instructions in their company.

Sometimes, I seek help and advice from a gardener as well. I spend all my pocket money in purchasing seeds, manure, fertilizer, gardening implements or books on gardening. I never miss a programme on gardening if it is there on the television. I also visit flower-shows, vegetable and fruit exhibitions. But I am particular that it is not at the cost of my studies. The delight 1 derives from gardening helps me a lot in concentrating on my lessons and learning. I feel more close to nature and God when I am in my garden. To me gardening is like a prayer. It inspires my imagination and gives me noble thoughts. We are nearer God when we are in the garden because in the garden there are peace, calmness, beauty, pleasure, colours, coolness, purity and leisure. And these are some of the qualities closely associated with God.

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Gardening gives me a sense of spare time spent purposefully. It takes me away from the world of sorrow, cares, pollution and noise. My little garden is to me like an island full of joy, beauty, splendor, peace and serenity. It is my very soul and spirit. Without it I would not be what I am. It provides us with fruits, flowers and vegetables. We save much on these. Moreover, my mother is a devotee of Lord Krishna. She can offer fresh and fragrant flowers everyday to Krishna as offerings. It gives her much satisfaction, peace and joy. Thus, she can say her prayers with flowers grown by her darling son. On the festive occasions like Deepavali, Janmashtami, Ramsey etc., we decorate our house with flowers and leaves obtained from this garden. There is always a bunch of fresh flowers in the vase in our drawing room, again from this garden. I really feel proud of my hobby and it’s so satisfying results.

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