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Meeting the customers’ expectations with best products andservices with employee commitment and constant improvement Since founding Toyota corporate philosophy is “Customerfirst” & “Quality First”, which gained them more recognition such as DemingApplication Prize, Japan Quality Control Award. Also Toyota introduced theStatistical Quality Control, conducted Total Quality Management which is basedon the corporate philosophy “Customer First”, “Total Participation” and Kaizen.Increase in recommendations and response to changes whichinvolves conscientious manufacturing happened with the implementation ofCreative Idea Suggestion System.

Subsequently, the essential ideas of Total Quality Managementand critical thinking and also kaizen (nonstop change) through imaginativedevelopment spread all through the organization and flourished, adding tohigher quality products and work quality at all levels and positions andenhancing the imperativeness of people and associations.Toyota’s way to deal with quality Toyota has accomplished anotoriety for the generation of excellent vehicles in all nations around theglobe. This has been accomplished by a way to deal with quality control andquality affirmation. Consumer loyalty is at the core of all Toyota exercises.To fulfill client needs Toyota incorporates all Members in quality controlexercises. Toyota quality depends on the adaptability and cooperation of itsMembers. Cautious choice and constant organized preparing has brought about aworkforce which is multi-talented, adaptable and exceptionally energetic;focused on keeping up and enhancing the Company execution.

TQM involves four process steps Focus on Continuous ProcessImprovement, to make forms noticeable, repeatable and quantifiable. Concentrateon impalpable impacts on procedures and approaches to streamline and diminishtheir belongings. Analyzing the way the client applies the item, prompts changein the item itself. Broaden managements concern beyond the immediate product.

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