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Not to speak of luxury items, even consumption of essential commodities is affected. On the other hand, the rim and the affluent are least affected. In such a situation where the vast major of people are poor, rising of prices is certainly not helpful for the proper grow of any democratic system of government and this is true in the case of in also.

Now, the question is, what the causes of hike in prices are. Generally believed that rise in prices is due to inflation. But in fact, inflation is consider to be a necessary evil by economists because limited inflation is conduce for economic growth. But for some time now the level of inflation has gone beyond productive or controllable limits, as a result of which prices haves up. This has caused unlimited harassment to most sections of society.

Black marketing, hoarding, artificial scarcity of essential commodities, are both causes and effects of rising prices. Corrupt traders try to make best use of these situations. Besides, callous officials also work with the anti-social elements in order to make money. This makes it all the more differ to curb these malpractices.

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But the most important cause of hike in prices is the mammoth growth population. Today, India’s population is about 103 crore and it is rising at meandrous pace. No doubt considerable development has taken place in all ectors whether it is agriculture or industry, but still conditions of scarcity revail due to the multiplying millions. Unless and until we are able to control is raising population, all efforts made by the Government of India and other welfare organizations will prove meaningless and ineffective.

Corruption is also one of the important causes of hike in prices. Not only anti-social elements but, it is felt, even political parties and leaders, in order make the ruling party feel uneasy, create situations when it becomes necessary increase the prices. So political leaders who claim to work for the betterment the people of the country defy all democratic norms and procedures in order make money.

There is a limit to everything, beyond which, the vast poor section of city will not tolerate suffering on this issue. Then they are sure to take the war into their own hands. This will result in anarchy, a complete failure of all Government and official systems.

In order to provide relief to all, especially to the poorer sections of society, d thereby to enable the Indian democracy to function and flourish, it is essential that this menace of price rise be controlled. Various steps and assures can be taken to curb the hike in prices. Foremost among them is to curate the common consumers about their rights and privileges and to create awareness among them so that corrupt practices like black marketing, etc. be stopped.

The public distribution system should be reinforced and lengthened. Corrupt officials and anti-social elements should be dealt with rely. Effective steps should be taken to increase the production in all sectors that the existing wide gap between supply and demand is taken care of. But measures given above will prove ineffective if the population goes on raising the current pace.

Democracy can succeed only where there are no pressures, no restrictions d no bondages on the common man. In a society, where the majority of the pulsation is poor and a handful of rich people are at the helm of affairs, a true Socratic state cannot work.

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