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Name of servers



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Ease to use

Open source

Liberty profile server (web sphere

Web sphere liberty is a fast and easy
to use java application server. Its setup time is only 2 seconds. By using
this server we can develop new application within very less time.

This server is known as ideal server
for developers as well as for production.

We can write and develop application
in eclipse very easily with the help of Websphere Developer Tools

It is build on open source liberty
project. The code of websphere was released into GitHub as open liberty.


This server is written in java and it
provides a ‘pure java’ HTTP web server environment for java code to run in.

It contains two lists one is user list
and other is developer list. In developer list the developers do their
discussions about building and testing and on user lists users tell their
problems with developers

This server has added user as well as
system based web applications enhancement to add support for deployment
across the variety of environments.

It is an open source java servlet
container and is developed by apache software foundation.


This server ensures consistent and
reliable processing of all requests within very less time because its design
is able to reduce latency which increases its throughput.

This is most popular server since 1996
and in 2009 it became the first web server which serves more than 100 million

This server contains more features as
compare to all other servers.

This server is free and provides an
open source cross platform.


It is known as high performance non-
blocking as it is designed to be fully embedded and run standalone with just
a few lines of code.

customers who are looking for preconfigured profile of JBoss enterprises
prefer this server.

It is light weight, flexible and fast.

This server is an open source
implementation of java EE suite of services.

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