Research manipulation checks, analysis showed that participants in

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Research Question
– Is there a relationship between educating
women about stereotype threat and enhancing performance in stereotype-relevant


Hypotheses – Acknowledgement
of stereotype threat enhance performance in stereotype-relevant tasks.


framework – 

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Findings &
Conclusions – Findings have showed that stereotype
threat increased women’s confidence and encourage them towards success in the
teaching-intervention condition by analyzing the perceptions of participants of
the researcher’s expectation. In the manipulation checks, analysis showed that
participants in the teaching-intervention condition have perceived that the
male researcher thought negative gender stereotypes could weaken performance
compared to the other two conditions. Women ratings were also higher on the
role of gender stereotypes compared to men. Besides, in the
teaching-intervention condition, mainly women participants than men think that
the researcher expected men to outperform women compared to the other two
conditions. Furthermore, for the test performance, women and men were equally
accurate in the problem-solving condition, whereas women were less accurate in
the math-test condition. In the teaching-intervention condition, women
performed equally to men in the same condition, to women in problem-solving
condition, and even outperformed women in the math-test condition. Additionally,
the analysis of attribution to gender stereotype suggested that in both
math-test and teaching intervention condition, participants who are women
rather than men, reported that gender stereotypes led to anxiety, and were
significantly higher in problem-solving condition. This showed that emphasizing
gender stereotypes on tests would boost women’s belief that stereotypes
influence their anxiety. However, informing participants about the negative
effect of stereotype threat would be necessary to improve their performances.


Future Research –
Write & justify future research here
based on what the lead paper you have chosen has found.


Implications – As people would more likely to
improve performing tasks if they were told about the stereotype threat,
therefore this can be practiced in classrooms and even workplace, major
industries or institutions. For students, they will be advised, thus helping
them to improve in academics, curricular activities, and sport activities in
school. For instance, it is not only girls could do well in academics and boys
only do well in sports. Besides, in workplace, it is not only men who is
capable of high positions of qualifications in the company, women might have
outperformed men in that particular field. It is rather fair to open up our
minds, to think that all genders may be capable of doing anything. This would
help to prevent bias among genders and not just labelling them according to
gender stereotypes.



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