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Violence in video games has been a contentious topic of discussion from the time of early days of playing on the digital playground.

Numerous games, ranging from ’80s to now, have been famous targets of harsh criticism from parents, social groups and even political leaders for the content within.

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Slides below will highlight the games that have been key targets in controversy among the medium and provide some insight into controversy and various issues surrounding these violent games.


During 1982, Wizard Video released a game version of the 1974 film 9o of the similar name for the Atari 2600

Playing as Leatherface, the chainsaw-wielding murderer from the movies, you attempt to murder trespassers at the same time, you avoid various obstacles.

Regardless of its crude graphics, the game sold unsuccessfully due to the controversy adjoining its violent nature, and video game shops refused to sell it.


In 1983, Wizard Video released one more terror adaptation, this time based on the 1978 horror classic, Halloween.

Playing a babysitter, you try to defend kids from Michael Myers, the iconic murderer from the movie.

The game had improved sales than before game, but it still didn’t sell well because of the alike reason, particularly the killing of kids.


In 1988, Namco launched Splatterhouse, a bloody-and-gory. Beat ’em up video game.

Owing to the game’s aggressive, troubling nature, as well as its religious/cult themes, the game’s TurboGrafx-16 port was obviously edited for the home bazaar (mostly in North America). It was the first video game ever launched to have a clear word of warning on its sticky label. Seen below


It wasn’t until the launch of the 2010 reboot of the similar name than an unedited adaptation of the original game saw a launching in North America (as an unlockable additional benefit).

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