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7 Simple
things to know for a happy  traveling

Prepare your funds

Traveling may not always require money but if you were
to visit a foreign place, it’s better to have a budget to buy souvenirs, for
the place you will stay, unexpected payments, and for the food. It’s better to
be prepared if you don’t want to ruin the moment.

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Research the place you’ll be visiting.
Make a list of what are the attractions you think of visiting. What could be
the activities you can do while you are staying there? Things you may see or
do. Be informed.


Check the weather
Always check the weather before you schedule your tour. Traveling on a bad
weather is a big no-no. Unless you only plan on visiting indoor attractions
maybe it’s fine on a rainy day but it will limit your chances of exploring more
the outside. Knowing the weather too will help you decide what clothes you will
wear. You may listen to weather forecast or go and search online.

Make plans

When you are done with the research and have checked
what day is the most suitable to take a journey, start planning it when will it
be and how you’ll get there. Think what transportation you will use. Do you
plan on saving money transportation costs or it is better to cost you more just
to make sure you are comfortable? Don’t forget to decide how long you will take
a trip. It is for you to know how much budget you need and what should you


Set up your gear
if you are planning to bring cameras or any gear you will use for your trip, prepare
it beforehand.  


Pack lightly
you don’t want to be distracted by how heavy your bag is while traveling. If
you know that you are about walk miles, it’s a big NO to bring all and unnecessary
things. You may look online how travelers pack their bags on a journey. Always
remember to pack smart.



Keep safe

Keep yourself and your valuables self. If you are to
travel alone, make an extra effort to take care of your belongings. Don’t bring
too much things, only your needs. Don’t show off because that is too dangerous.
Also remember not to post your location so potential thieves are not in your


Discipline yourself

You are a grown up human. Don’t get drunk while on a
trip if you don’t want to wake up with nothing. On the day of your travel, wake
up on time. Avoid things that will surely mess up your long awaited trip.



How can you be happy on your journey if you won’t
enjoy it? You are there to learn, to see new things, to be inspired, to forget troubles
or whatever your reason is, just savor the moment and have fun.

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