4. to time the progress achieved in the

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4. Indicate the factors which are tending to retard economic development and determine the conditions which should be established for the successful execution of the plan;

5. Determine the nature of the machinery which will be necessary for securing the successful implementation of each stage of the plan in all its aspects;

6. Appraise from time to time the progress achieved in the execution of each stage of the plan and recommend the adjustments of policy and measures that such appraisal may show to be necessary; and

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7. Make such interim or ancillary recommendations as appear to it to be appropriate either for facilitating the discharge of duties assigned to it; or, on a consideration of the prevailing economic conditions, current policies, measures and development programmes or on an examination of such specific problems as may be referred to it for advice by Central or State Governments.

Since 1950, when the above functions were specified, the Planning Commission has drawn up Five Year Plans for rapid economic growth.



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