Homer-Dixon the benefit of the environment and society.

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Homer-Dixon believes his approach
to what is social responsibility in business.

He illustrates that many of organizations be unsuccessful
due to the fact that they manipulated resources. He tells an example as
evidence that small events in the world can have a profound impact on the
entire society and environment. Homer-Dixson suggests that society needs to set
for the impact which these things could bring. He also says that these
organizations should be prepared for overall changes. Especially,
Homer-Dixson stresses that the organizations have to be ready to adapt to the
structural stress that will occur. He also presents that this structural stress
can have a significant impact on the organizations and that higher management
has a responsibility to control it. Regarding profit maximization, he agrees with
Friedman, and he says that “his approach is not suitable for private companies
that seek profit alone”. He concludes that the organizations as a society will
change and adapt for the benefit of the environment and society. 

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