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Let the laziness, sleep and stagnation                                                                         and stand up to work and make an effortMake will for your motivation and fuel                                                                            And work hard to open all of  the embankmentEncourage yourself and fight and be with people friendly                                                                        It will let the thorns soft and becomes rosesDemonstrate your skills and defy all embankment                                                                         And be a prominent symbol of resistanceDo not give up and do not care about the responses                                                                                And face the atmosphere of lightning and thunderMake your work perfect and stamp it with a return                                                                             And the people will remain forever witnessesWrite your name with a display clause                                                                        It will be written in history with dates along the decadesBe generous and kind and distinguished with goodness                                                                        And be honest and faithful to promisesPut your fingerprint and prove the presence                                                                          The creativity has no limits so work work work!

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