Every university, college and school is in

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Every university, college and school is in the grip of student indiscipline. Students hold rallies, stage demonstrations, conduct agitations and resort to strikes to press their various demands. They do not respect even their own teachers. They disobey the orders of college authorities. They go to the extent of taking the law into their own hands. They do not spare even the police. All this adversely affects their studies. But no one cares for their future.

For this state of affairs, we cannot blame the students alone. Often, it is the political leaders of our country who incite the students against the authorities. They exploit student-power for their own political ends. They do not realise that they are playing with the lives and careers of the students. In fact, students possess great power. Because of the lack of able leadership, they do not know how to use this power in the best interests of the country. If there is a constrictive and healthy leadership, students’ power can be utilized for bringing about social, economic and political reforms in the country.

If the students respond to their duty towards their country, there is no doubt that they will become worthy citizens of a worthy country. There are a number of ways in which students can serve their country. First, students should inculcate in them the spirit of discipline. No nation can progress without discipline. If countries like U.S.A., U.K., Germany, France and Japan have become advanced countries, it is all due to the discipline of their people.

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The Indian society suffers from a number of social evils. The worst is the evil of dowry. Dowry deaths are taking place almost every day in all major cities of the country. No doubt the Government has passed a law by virtue of which giving or accepting a dowry has become an offence. But law alone is not enough. Students can help to root out this evil by taking a pledge that they will not demand or accept any dowry at the time of their marriages. The students can also help in the removal of other social evils like child marriage, casteism, untouchability, drinking, gambling, etc.

Another important role for the students can be to work for National Integration. They should fight evils like communalism, casteism, linguism, regionalism, etc. They should think of themselves as Indians first and Indians last. Sometimes natural calamities like earthquake, flood, drought, etc. afflict one part or the other of our country resulting in heavy loss of life and property. Students can provide relief to the stricken people by raising funds for them and organising relief works. Students can use their vast knowledge by providing education to the illiterate.

The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. Thus the India of tomorrow belongs to the students. By performing a positive and a constructive role, students can make India strong and prosperous.

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