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Other areas, where scientific devices have brought about enormous changes, are the transport and communication. Using the telephone, we can communicate with people anywhere in the world. In fact, when one talks to a dear one abroad, one forgets the vast distance separating one person from another.

On a photo phone we can even see the picture of the person, we are speaking to. Then there is the telegraph for brief, urgent messages and the fax for detailed information to be relayed anywhere in the world. E-mail, internet and website have made communication far more easy, fast and reliable.

Hardly a day passes when we do not receive news and events from different countries and, of course, our own country through the newspaper, the radio and the T.V. We travel everyday in vehicles, which have come to us after long, arduous researches. We have buses, cars, scooters, cycles for long or short distance travels, and, of course, aeroplanes, which take us through the air and ships, which take us over oceans, and trains for long journeys.

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And never forget that medicines and the doctor are also a part of our everyday life. Whether it is a cold or fever or an ailment, that is more serious, we take medicines, which have been the results of long hours of research in the laboratory by scientists.

Those, requiring hospitalization, are taken care of in the hospitals, where complicated, scientific equipments are used for check-ups. The cat-scan, the ultra-sound and the electro cardiogram are as much a part of the specialist’s daily life as any other gadget that is required for any particular work. They too have all come from science.

Even our household gadgets, such as mixers, juicers, cooking gas, pressure – cookers, microwave-ovens are ordinary scientific appliances and all of them are the gifts of science. They make life easier and save the user a lot of time which she or he can put to other constructive uses.

The computer is one more highly advanced technical asset which has become an important part of our daily life. It is being used by doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, bankers and even students at school. The accuracy and speed with which data can be fed in and recalled, besides performing other functions has made computers an indispensable part of everybody’s life in the world of today.

Thus, science has a direct bearing on most of our activities and has become a part and parcel of our daily life. It is like a divine blessing that has transformed our life to a living of ease, comforts and happiness. With a photo-phone you can even see a person’s photograph; you are talking to far away in a distant land. And a cell-phone gives you an opportunity to talk when you are on the move.

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