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It seemed that rain was imminent. Still, I decided to take a chance. I left for my school. I walked quite fast as I was anxious to reach my school before the rain started. When I was only half-way there, it started drizzling.

Within a few minutes, the downpour became very heavy. Traffic came to a halt. People ran for shelter. I also took shelter under the canopy of a nearby shop. People were overjoyed that the rains had at long last set in. All the roads and the streets were flooded with water. There was water, water everywhere.

Knee-deep water collected in low lying areas in a short time. Children came out on the streets in large numbers to enjoy themselves and to play. Some children made paper boats and floated them in the water. Others had a bath in rain-water.

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It gave them respite from the heat. They also splashed rain-water on each other. The heavy downpour also brought misery to certain people. A number of juggins in the low-lying slum areas were washed away. Some old houses collapsed.

The roofs of some houses started leaking. Fortunately, there was no loss of life. The streets and roads had become very slippery. A fat person fell down in the muddy water.

Some naughty children had a hearty laugh over this. But soon good sense prevailed among them. They helped the fat man to clean his clothes and stand up on his feet again.

The ram washed away the dirt from the leaves of the trees and plants. The leaves looked green and fresh as if they had had a bath. The farmers were happy. With the onset of the monsoon, the prospects of a good crop had become brighter. Even the animals and birds were full of joy. The rain stopped completely after one hour. People started moving about again. Traffic was resumed.

I ran to my school with wet clothes. The Principal of the school felt that it was a pleasant and fine day. He, therefore, declared it a holiday.

The students went home happily and changed their wet clothes. They rejoiced over the first shower of the rainy season. The rainy season is the best season for the plantation of saplings. Some people planted trees in front of their houses. Plantation of trees provides greenery. It checks pollution.

It also maintains ecological balance.

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