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My educational background and internship experiences have a strong impact on my development as an individual subsequently influenced my decision to pursue International management in Trinity College Dublin. 
The subject that I am looking forward for is Economics for global market, project management, Applied Marketing strategy
A look forward to also a growth for business, arts, culture, creativity that has consequently influenced my decision to pursue a graduate studies in International Management at the University of Trinity. I was fortunate to shift between three cities which had huge cultural differences. First being the Middle east Doha Qatar lived there for 9 years, Secondly Mangalore lived there for another 9 years and then back to city I was Manipal for 3 years to pursue my Bachelor’s in Business Management. Currently I am in Bangalore working a Community Operations Associate. I have recently converted into a full time employee. Previously i had undertaken two internships in Human resource associate and Digital Marketing. 

I love for music has made me have immense passion towards singing and I have sung during various occasion throughout the course of my life. 

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As my father has had 32 years of experience in the field of business and the natural influence it has brought down to me to do something substantial and worth making business off. 

I have had a privileged life but would like to pursue a much advance d learning in the field of International management to receive a total exposure towards the global markets. I intend to learn more and meet new people because that gives me sense of immense satisfaction and pleasure to be around different backgrounds. 

My outlook towards Ireland and its culture has drawn me towards to finding the best universities to pursue my future education. The vibrancy, culture, scenic beauty and most of all the people is something I am looking forward to receive first hand experience. The weather is something that would be a little hard to adjust initially considering I have lived by the Beach soaked under the sun all my live but it is a small adjustment I can make has an individual.  

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