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An Internet entrepreneur’s first challenge is to create a presence on the web. With a phone line, computer, and Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), a business can advertise or event conduct transactions over the Internet. Any computer user familiar with a word processor can effectively use these applications with minimal training.

Some online businesses handle hundreds of thousands of people everyday. They require specialised hardware and cabling to control the vast amount of traffic on their site per day.

The second challenge is to make the business’s website visible on the Internet. The first step in this process would be registering a domain name. Every computer connected to the Internet has a unique number attached to it called an IP address.

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To simplify finding specific computers on the ‘Net’, the numbers were substituted with alias called domain names. The names come in two levels, before and after the dot. Network Solutions the official registrar of domain names. In the past individuals have registered company names and then sold the domain license company for thousands of dollars.

The third and most difficult task is to make the web site useful, easy to use, and quick to load. An example of a great

web site is the book sales site run by The site doesn’t contain any complex graphics and loads quickly. If the webmaster hold his breath while the page is loading, it is considered a quickly loading page. The order and search system is easy and quick to use. The user can easily find and interpret any relevant data.

The most significant reason for an Internet entrepreneur to have his company accessible on the Internet is to spread the company name throughout the entire world.

Before any one thinks about creating a web presence and before any other rival should approve it, a clear plan for contents and implementation should be made. A web page without any useful information will not create return visitors. A website without focus will create frustration among surfers.

An important part in drawing returning visitors is keeping track of where people are looking most frequently in your site. A better to track how people use your site is e-mail response forms. Another concern is security. A site manager must be careful about security of files.

Any random cracker or serious hanker can break the most secure system. Most likely Inter net business more concerned with credit card fraud and password crackers. Both credit card fraud and password cracking is surprisingly easy.

Passwords should be alpha-numeric. Stings with both letters and numbers are almost impossible for software to crack.

A new networking technology, called Domain and Type Enforcement (DTE), allow managers and system administrators to give files specific levels of security according to the file’s sensitivity. Other networking products like, Novell Netware, has offered similar features but DTE introduces standards for file protection and simplifies the process of protecting files.

DTE protection doesn’t prevent hackers from gaining illegal access to servers but it does drastically reduce the scale on which they can do damage by restricting the amount of files they have access to.

Any enterprising manager can make a fortune from nothing by using the Internet as a medium. A company with a focused and useful website can take advantage of hundreds of millions of surfers to gain fortune.

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