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My first priority will be the homeless, homeless elderly, who are rejected by their own sons and daughters. These people are considered parasites by those very persons whom they once bred and brought up.

In order to give them relief and solace, I would like to spend money on constructing a suitable home where they may have free boarding and lodging. This home will be free from discrimination of any kind on the basis of colour, caste or creed. For the religious-minded, it would have sessions, involving discourses from all religions.

The next item on my list will be to start a highly advanced, very well equipped Health Centre for the economically backward people. I know how a lot of poor people die of the diseases they suffer from, simply because they cannot afford to have a timely, easily accessible, proper medical aid. This centre will have all the requisite medical and surgical machines. Consultation, diagnosis, and medication are all going to be absolutely free.

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It pains me a lot to see that many children have neither the time/ nor money to go to a school. This is because they either have no one to support them, or is forced to work to help their parents. For such children, I would like to open a night school. The books and the stationery will be provided free of charge to all those who will attend this school.

They won’t be required to pay for the coaching. I am of the view that as long | as the people of a country are illiterate, it cannot progress. So it will be my pious and humble duty to promote adult-literacy.

For the youths of today, I shall start a fully-equipped gymnasium in my town. I fully understand the value of health, without which you can serve neither yourself nor others. If our youths are physically fit, then alone will the country move ahead without fear of anyone?

Since most of my countrymen are afflicted with poverty, there are numerous students who have to leave their study in- between for want of money. For such students, I have a soft corner in my heart. I shall start for them a book bank, which will lend the text-books and other kinds of help-books on condition that they are returned intact after a due course of, time.

The meritorious students will be awarded scholarships to make them feel proud of their merit and pursue higher studies for the good of the country.

In the end, I shall have a fun-cum entertainment park, full exciting games, exclusively for the children to play in. Besides plants, trees and flowers, there will be swings and slides. Once they are inside it, they will forget about the outside world and get lost in the sound and colour of nature and the excitement of fun-filled games.

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