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Throughout our historical time, poverty
has always and will continue staggering insignificant people who lack
education, high divorce rate can impact feminization of poverty,
overpopulation, epidemic diseases such as malaria and AIDS, country’s economy
trends changes, and dry ecosystems. The way poverty is measured by their income
has remained the same due to these causes. It hard to admit that eliminating
poverty is impossible; a social imbalance is natural in any society whether
democratic or socialistic, although one may be more imbalanced than the other.

What needs to be done is to open up opportunities; give everyone the right to
unlimited options for success rather than let money play their fingers. Thus
the real question should strike everyone: Is poverty simply measured by income?
In general, countries from cultivated groups measured poverty based on their
household income or their threshold, yet there are evidence and research
claiming different factors in determining its social status.

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