(ii) have not received any quality complaint from

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(ii) Units approved by the EIAs under the system of IPQC have been authorised to issue statutory certificates by themselves instead of the EIAs.

(iii) Industrial units set up in EPZ, FTZ and 100% EOUs have been exempted from the purview of compulsory pre-shipment inspection.

(iv) Items notified under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963, have been exempted from compulsory pre-shipment inspection, provided the exporters have a firm letter from the overseas buyers stating that the overseas buyers do not want pre-shipment inspection from any official Indian Inspection Agency, which shall be filed by the exporters before the Customs authorities at the ports of shipments.

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(v) Manufacturers/exporters of engineering products who have attained the export of these products on an average level of Rs 1.5 crores during the last 3 years and have not received any quality complaint from foreign buyers and are competent to carry out pre-shipment inspection, will be recognised as inspection agencies for their own products.

(vi) To provide quick and efficient professional service to the trade and industry, in addition to the EIAs, Governmental and Private Inspection Agencies having competence in carrying out pre-shipment inspection and testing of engineering products and fish and fishery products, will also be approved inspection agencies under Section 7(1) of the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963.

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