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The dormitory living has dated back from 1718 and 1720 where
Harvard University, one of the oldest teaching establishments in the United
States has marked its territory as one of the very first dorms in history.

Dorms have changed over the years. From buildings that were built hundreds of
years ago, to the dorms today, that now resemble resorts. Students living in
dorms nowadays has their age ranging from 16-23 years old despite the young
age, dormitory living has become a pathway for college students or in our case,
senior high school students to live in a relatively closer distance to their
chosen university compared to their initial address. Dormitory Living has its
own upper hand which are the following; it creates a greater sense of
responsibility, maturity and practice freedom, socialize with other people
coming from different cities as well as a total grasp of adult life but just
like the two sides of a coin, it also has its drawbacks which are; having to
battle loneliness at times, having to live in smaller spaces but one of the
more notable disadvantage is living away from your loved ones including your
family and friends from their respective hometowns.

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