Kerala, River in the Trekked forest. During

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Kerala, God’s own country, has done much publicity about its scenic places like Minar of salubrious climate. The Trekked forest is an ideal tourist resort. Tourists can have boat ride in the Perilya River in the Trekked forest. During the boat ride tourists can have a view of an elephant or two, wild boar, deer or a tiger. It is a very pleasant boat ride. Foreigners visit Trekked in large numbers.

There are many wildlife sanctuaries in India and much advertisement should be done about them. The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, attracts inland and foreign tourists. Foreigners stay in Indian hotels paying huge rent. Their rent for the hotel and their payment for food and travels in tourists’ vans bring us foreign exchange. Foreign exchange is quite necessary for us.

There are tourists’ departments run by every State Government. They give information to the tourists about the places of tourist interest. Our foreign embassies can do advertisement abroad about the places of tourist interest in India.

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The Himachal Pradesh State has many tourist attractions. The snow-clad Himalayas are of perennial charm and persons who can withstand the cold climate can visit the Himalayan towns and villages and go for sightseeing with the help of tourist guides. Some visit the Calash Mountain which has a singular majesty and beauty. Some travel to Kedarnath and Baronet where there are temples for Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu. But travel to these places has to be done sometimes riding on ponies and it is very chill all the way. So only persons with sound health can travel up the Himalayas. Tibet is also a place of great tourist interest. But a visit to Tibet involves much planning and expenditure and it is possible only to a few to go to the regions like Tibet. A visit to Nepal rewards one with many pleasant experiences. There are umpteen places of tourist interest and we should have an interest in visiting at least some of them.

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