It and more blood oozed. How can

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It bit and bit the bone and its teeth could not crush and break it. As it went on biting the bone it found it very tasty. Blood oozed from the bone. The dog went on tasting it. More and more blood oozed. How can blood ooze from a bone?

The dog could not realize that its tongue was pierced by the sharp bone. Blood oozed from its tongue. It tasted its own blood. How foolish it was!

Some persons, like the foolish dog, spoil themselves by losing their vitality. They enjoy smoking, drinking and having the company of harlots. They suffer from cancer and AIDS. They are unable to give up their bad habits. They slowly find their way to their graves and they do not realize that they spoil themselves.

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Let us learn a lesson from the dog’s foolish action.

Betting on horses during the horse-racing season is a very bad habit that may land one in deep trouble. The Panamas of the Mahabharata epic lost their kingdom in a game of dice with the Karakas, it is said. Gambling is dangerous and you are in a dilemma whether you will win or lose. If you win once you like to gamble again and again and thereby you may lose all you have won. Many have lost their property by being incorrigible gamblers. It is wise not to gamble at all. This habit of gambling should be given up.

Even youngsters play cards betting money. If you are the winner you get some money and if you are the loser you lose money. Like smoking, drinking and taking drugs gambling is a very bad habit and it should be avoided. The bad habit that you cultivate in your young age continues till your old age and it may weaken you mentally and physically. Good habits should be cultivated in your young age.

Even going to movies often with friends is a bad habit. Youngsters who stay in lodges these days should be very careful in not keeping company with friends who have bad habits. Seeing a movie periodically is all right but frequent visits to theatres is definitely a bad habit. Highly romantic scenes and highly violent incidents in films these days affect and spoil the tender, impressionable minds of the youngsters.

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