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There are gangs everywhere in every town and city who trade in various kinds of drugs. It is said that in forests some plants from which narcotic substances are extracted are grown. The department having control over the arrest of the smugglers of narcotics destroys the plants setting them on fire. Some students without realizing the damage the drugs cause to their health use them and lose their senses. Persons under the effect of drugs can hear songs which are not played, can see scenes which are not actually present.

A great future is in store for the students. They should not spoil their health by getting addicted to the drugs and liquor. If they are drug addicts their job prospects may be affected, their marriage life will be full of misery. A disciplined student is the priceless possession of a family, of a nation. ‘Stay away from liquor and drugs,’ is the warning of the educationists and the parents to the students.

It is a known truth that a person who once takes a drug knowingly or unknowingly is addicted to it. Any bad habit like getting addicted to liquor, drugs, or seeking the company of harlots, spoils you. That is why it is advocated by great men and philosophers that one should be very careful in not getting addicted to any bad habit. Of course, bad habits can be given up by counseling, by one’s will power, but there is a very slender chance of giving up a bad habit, which enslaves you.

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Some avoid drinking coffee or tea in their young age and they do not drink coffee or tea throughout their lives. If you start drinking coffee or tea in your young age you continue the habit, a bad habit undoubtedly, all through your life. When the common drink is said to be not good for health how harmful to health it is to take liquor or drugs? We drink coffee in the morning and afternoon just because we have got addicted to it. Youngsters should be determined enough in not taking liquor or drug. Liquor affects our liver, and cirrhosis, inflammation of the liver, occurs by drinking liquor. An addict to drugs becomes weaker and weaker and his mental stability is affected gradually. Both youngsters and adults are strongly advised not to fall victim to the habit of taking liquor or drugs.

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