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Once I am satisfied with the provision of these essentials, I would formulate an efficient, unbiased, impartial, easy admission policy. Unlike the norm in other schools, I would not hold any tests or interviews for the little children who seek admission in the nursery.

On the contrary, I would give admission on the basis of ‘first come, first served’. However, the admission-seeker should, otherwise, be deserving and competent. He should not look like a bully, must be graceful in manners and has to be alert and attentive.

I want to avoid giving both parents and children the mental torture of being branded a failure, even before setting their first steps in the school.

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I find it illogical and irrational to believe that a child’s mental level can be judged by a five-minute interview. I would strictly prohibit parents from offering donations to admit their children. School is not supposed to be a commercial shop to sell education and make money.

After formulating my policy on admissions, I would concentrate on the selection of teachers. The selection would depend not merely on the educational qualification of the teacher but on his her genuine love for the company of children.

He/She must be friendly and affectionate and have the ability to communicate with children. Such individuals would make better teachers than those who are merely high degree-holders.

I would turn my attention next to the curriculum. It would aim at encouraging the wholesome development of the child’s personality. In academics, I would maintain a high standard of achievement. I would like different subjects to be taught so well that the child understands them in the school itself without having to be tutored at home.

The teaching would be observation or practical based. In sports again, I would like the children to specialize and regularly participate in at least two games of their choice. At the same time, I would desire1 the sports instructor to give special coaching to those who excel in particular sports so that they could participate in inter-school matches.

Last but not the least; I would have a particular hour fixed for extra-curricular activities such as dramatics, debates, music, arts and crafts, etc. My students would be free to choose the activity they are most interested in. I would like them to participate in inter-school competitions. I would encourage Maximum number of students to participate so that no student feels left-out.

This can be managed in various ways. For example, in dramatics one can put up a play which requires a lot of characters. By initiating all these steps, I would make my school an ideal one which others would like to emulate.

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