Introduction: identified by female community organization at village

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jointly with Labor department Govt. of KPK has initiated a project “Women Empowerment
Project” in three district in the KPK. The project aim to improve the
socio-economies status of most deprived women through skill developments

WEP project has partially achieved intend Outputs promised in detail
implementation and annual plan enabling actions by training of trainers on kitchen
gardening, swinging and cutting, egg and meat production and Enterprise
Development training  The partnership
with government department for co funding is successfully advocated the project
included in PSDP 20117.

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Objectives of the project

To improve women’s capacity to support in household level food security and
income needs in culturally appropriate manner through skill development

To improve livelihoods conditions in a sustainable and participatory way

the project, 200 new female community organization formed and revitalized
during project life 2) 50 skill development training conducted at district on
kitchen gardening for 105 female community organization members 3) 30 training
conducted on swinging and cutting 
training conducted  for 150 women
which were identified by female community organization at village level in
order to set up their small business in the village 4) egg and meat production
is high market demand in the said districts, for this purpose, 61 egg and meat
production training conducted for 200 female community members. 5) 18 enterprise
development training (EDT) conducted  for
15 150 female community organization members to understand the concept and
principles of Community level Enterprise Development so that they have access
to entrepreneurship services that leads them towards economic empowerment.
Under the project, training manuals for said trainings also developed and
distributed among the training participants.

the one year, the team build strong coordination with relevant stakeholders,
govt. official and civil society organization through community engagement
programme, seminar and workshop.

Lesson learn:

Local business
case study will help the women to under the basic step of business in order to
create their own business at village’s level.



New budget
allocation for upcoming years from the Govt.

Security situation of the province

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