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Even now, even the enlightened aged women in society harass their daughters-in-law being far behind in time, being still in a bygone age when the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law clash was at its highest. The age-long confrontation between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law seems to be endless. Sometimes, a husband turns wild with anger at his meek wife and spurns her and spits on her.

Feminism is a word that often finds a place in the newspapers and the magazines. Feminism is the subject of talk in the radio and the television. Though the feminist movement is very active in countries like the USA and Britain even there women are still given a back seat. It is generally said that women belong to the weaker sex. They are by nature gentle, soft-spoken and shy. But there are women who can outdo men in assertiveness, dominance and aggressiveness.

Nowadays the national scene has changed. There are hundreds of women graduates and postgraduates who are well-employed. They have come out into the social scene with a bang and the day is not far off when they will dominate the national scene. It is true that women are not fit for all kinds of jobs. Their presence in the military and the police is limited. But it is very heartening to know that there are all-women police stations. They are as courageous as men. Some of the highest officers in the police department are women.

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It is a long-standing demand that women should have equal opportunities in society as men. It is a fact that women criminals are ill-treated in the police lock-up and are sexually abused. They have to submit to the wishes of the police officers. In some offices they are harassed by their colleagues. When they become meek they fall prey to the sexual instincts of the officers. In some homes the husband is very dominant and puts his wife to much embarrassment by his rude behaviour.

Women as a group should raise their voices of protest against the injustices done to them. They should fight for their rights and should make men realize that they are in no way inferior to them. They should fight till they are treated equal with men in every department of life.

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