But helpless and the needy elderly, I

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But having me suffered the pangs of poverty and want for long; I would be too smart and shrewd to be led away by their pleas. If my friends and well-wishers think that I shall host a grand feast in their honour, they will be living in a fool’s paradise.

I know fully well that ‘fools make a feast and wise men eat them’. And so, I’ll never wish to look a fool to others.

The most important ambition of my life, that I would like to fulfill by means of lottery money, is to have a really beautiful bungalow either in Manali, or at the Marina Beach in Mumbai, or near a lake in Udaipur.

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Attached to this will be an extensive garden with many mango and apricot trees. There will be rose and jasmine flowers making the surrounding beautiful, eye-catching and fragrant. Within the house, there will be a picture gallery in which copies of the immortal works of great artists of the world, including the Indian painters of the Mughal School, will be hung.

The art of Persia; the icons from Russia; and Chinese pottery will be displayed. I would spend hours and hours standing before them and try to catch the spirit of different artists. I would appreciate them and say:

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.

Since I am fond of music, I will hear the celebrated compositions of Mozart and Beethoven early in the morning and late at night. My library will be open to all sincere students of art. But they will not be lent out any volume.

For the helpless and the needy elderly, I would start a charity hospital and home for the aged. Rest of the money will be deposited in a bank. I am sure that the interest earned from this bank deposit will be sufficient enough for me to lead a decent life.

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