A is full of mirth and merriment.

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A joy has taken sudden flight.

An average student, undoubtedly, gets an over-dose of everything and from everyone. All the time and everywhere, a volley of advice is showered on him. When he visits any relative’s house, he is not spared; he is told to mind his studies and not while away his time in comics and novels.

If he desires for the company of any studious boy or girl, it is eyed with suspicion. He starts considering himself the most unwanted thing like a weed on this earth.

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He still fondly remembers the days when he used to hear in his infancy and believe that student life is the most glorious period of a man’s life; it is full of mirth and merriment. But when he has, actually, stepped into this life, reality has changed a lot for the worse to his great surprise and astonishment. He gets disillusioned.

He finds no charm and attraction as a student in his life. His heavy satchel, loaded with books, makes him feel like a coolie, who is forced to carry the weight heavier than his own physique. He wonders how the syllabi-makers could be so ruthless to the students.

The more he looks at his books, the giddier he feels. He wonders if the topics given in the book are not irrelevant to life, burning as well as uninteresting. He finds them too dull and too difficult. They give him a severe headache, instead of joy.

But he does not lose hope forever. Shelley’s famous lines ‘if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ cheer him up and revives his hope. His sorrows of life get punctuated by the sparks of gaiety. While at home, he is looked after with love and care. He is given no unpleasant tasks to do, fearing that his studies will suffer.

He is given the choicest food to eat and best clothes to wear. All his needs are taken care of by his fond parents in the hope that their son will bring name to the family by showing his worth and merit in the examination. He finds the games period at school quite interesting. He can play any game indoor or outdoor.

He can smash or hit anyone in the name of games and thus can get his back on those who snubbed him or jeered at him. Then there are hobby classes. If he is good at singing, he finds an opportunity to raise himself in the estimation of his teachers.

If he is a good painter, he can hope to win a prize and win kudo from his ever-ambitious parents. Thus his life is a unique blend of joys and sorrows tears as well as smiles.

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