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Recently, he was awarded the prestigious Argon Award in recognition of his achievements. It was an occasion of unmixed joy for his thousands of fans like me. And yet he can’t rest on his laurels. He has yet to fulfill many promises and achieve many milestones. He has rightly been called the ‘Wonder Boy” of the cricket world. But it is not enough. He is to be the “Superman “. There are many honors and awards awaiting him in times to come. Actually we honour ourselves by honoring such an extraordinary young talent. Undoubtedly, he has to play a very long innings as a batsman, bowler and fielder and above all as the captain in no distant future. He is bound to provide dynamic and inspiring leadership to his team in the years to come.

Medullar is a glowing example of heroism in this particular field of action and contemplation. His courage, stamina, patriotism, excellent footwork and team-spirit are things to be envied. His cricket-guru and coach, Ramadan, deserves our gratitude and hearty congratulations to have given us such a jewel as Medullar. His achievements with the ball and on the field have also been encouraging and inspiring, but it is with the bat that his performance has been par excellence.

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