The Greeks who began music theory and categorized

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purpose of this unit is to define the “umbrella” term “music psychology” as
well as explain how multiple subjects make a contribution in the broad field.

The definition today is “music psychology is a multidisciplinary and
interdisciplinary study of music in the human experience.” Some of the numerous
subjects that contribute to music psychology is sociology, anthropology,
biology, philosophy, physics, psychology, education, and music.

the chapter there was a common theme. Humans have been interested in music and
have always been willing to work together to study its structure, uses, effects,
and various other musical factors. Interest in music psychology began with the
ancient Greeks who began music theory and categorized music as a mathematical science.

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Later during the 19th century, specialists decided to analyze music
psychology by diving into multiple fields of study, eventually forming an
outline of what music psychology would focus on. Overall, it has been decided that
music psychologists must conduct experiments and not only broaden their
findings to fit the context of their study, but also put the pieces of information
together to explain the human experience.


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Rectangular Shaped Beam Pattern

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